My Work – KU

J435: Message Development

I created an ad campaign for our clients popchips

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.39.17 PM

News release: Popchipsnewsrelease

Radio ad script: popchipsradiospot

I also created a campaign for our client Café Britt



J513: Principle of Advertising.

The final project was to create a billboard campaign for a client of your choice. My group chose Neuro drinks. We wanted these billboards to appeal to college-aged and young adults.

J568: Media and Market Research

In our media and market research class, we created a survey to administer to students on campus to gain insight about how much students know and how they feel about the Kansas Relays.

Survey: KansasRelaysFinalSurvey

Powerpoint with our findings and suggestions: Kansas Relays surveys and suggestions

J640: Strategic Campaigns

This fall semester, I worked with a group of six women in campaigns to create an IMC plan for Greensburg, Kan. Our goals were to increase population and tourism in Greensburg. My group and I did extensive primary and secondary research and worked from August to December creating a plan for our client. I have inserted our final plans book PDF into this post.




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