Awesome commercials

Okay, so I have AT&T service for my phone, but I only converted from Verizon because my parents live in a town in NE Kansas where Verizon simply doesn’t work (bum-mer). I am not a big fan of their service, however I seriously love their new commercial “It’s not complicated” ad campaign with the focus groups with the little kids… this stuff is hilarious.

Moderator: What’s fast? Girl: Uh, my mom’s car and a cheetah 

Moderator: What’s slow? Boy: My Grandma Moderator: Would you like it if your grandma was fast? Boy: I bet she would like it if she was fast. Moderator: Maybe give her some turbo boosters. Boy: Tape a cheetah to her back Moderator: Tape a cheetah to her back? Seems like you’ve thought of this before.


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23 year old creative digital marketer
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